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The Student Transcript Services Site

As of Sept 25 2017, the ministry of education changed where students can access their high school transcripts.
It’s important for all grade 10-12 students to set up and use this new Student Transcripts Service.  This is a service run by the Ministry of Education, not by EBUS.  Your STS account contains:
  • The official record of your course credits
  • provincial exam marks
  • other services, such as designating which Colleges and Universities should receive your transcripts (for grade 12s)
  • find it at
  •  To set up your account, you will need your full legal name, and your PEN (personal education number).  You can find your 9-digit PEN on your EBUS Dashboard.

Have a look around your STS account.  Please review your marks and look for anything incorrect or missing.  NOTE: Marks are entered into the My Education Ministry site, when the course has been completed.   We upload the marks twice a week.  If you are not a full-time EBUS student, you will have to contact your school of record, to see when they do their marks uploads.  If you are starting high school, you will need to wait until you finish a course, before you will be able to set up your account, usually towards the end of February each year. After that, you can access it at any time.

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