The Designation Process

If you believe that your child may be eligible for a special needs designation through the Ministry of Education, the first step is to contact a member of our Special Education team. This team member will explain the program and talk with you about the needs of your child. Copies of special education documentation may be requested:

  • most recent IEP, reports from therapists (e.g., Speech-Language, Occupational and/or Physical therapy)
  • psychological reports
  • any medical reports pertaining to your child’s diagnosis (e.g., autism, mental health, physical disability)

If it is determined that we will be able to offer a program that will meet the needs of your child, a designation request will be made to our District Principal.

Please note: a designation in one school district does not automatically guarantee designation in any other BC school district.

Supported Categories

  • Learners who have been professionally diagnosed and who have supporting documents may be eligible for Special Education funding.
  • Designations supported by the Special Education staff and which may provide access to funding include:
    • Physically dependent
    • Deaf/blind
    • Moderate to profound intellectual disability
    • Physical disability/Chronic health impairment
    • Visual impairment
    • Deaf/Hard of hearing
    • Autism
    • Intensive behavior intervention/Serious mental illness
  • Learners included in the following designations may be supported by Special Education staff but do not qualify for special education funding at EBUS Academy:
    • Mild intellectual disability
    • Gifted
    • Learning disability

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