An important thing for all grade 10-12 students to do is to set up and use your Student Secure Web account.  This is a service run by the Ministry of Education, not by EBUS.  Your SSW account contains:

  • The official record of your course credits
  • provincial exam marks
  • other services, such as designating which Colleges and Universities should receive your transcript (for Grade 12’s)

To set up your account, you will need your full legal name, and your PEN (personal education number). You can find your nine digit PEN on your EBUS dashboard.

Visit, and click on the Student Secure Web icon. Next, use your PEN to create your SSW account, and login.

SSW site
Have a look around your SSW account.  One thing you want to do is review your marks and look for anything incorrect or missing.  NOTE your school marks are only sent to your SSW account a few times per year, November, February, May and July.  Any courses completed between these dates will have the mark sent to the ministry during the next date.

If you have any questions about thing you see in your SSW account, please don’t hesitate to contact me at EBUS.

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