Dashboard? Moodle? Where am I!??

Once your student has registered with EBUS, a welcome email, with login information, will be sent to the student.  Log in at: my.ebus.ca 

You should see a white envelope like this.   


Use the username and password that was issued to the student.


The student dashboard will look similar to this.


Simply click on the courses, on the Dashboard, listed on the left.

This will take you to your EBUS Moodle account. 


Select one of the courses to take you into the COURSE.


This is where your courses and assignments actually live.  This is where you will find your Moodle messages, as well.

Your “Planned Completion Date”

Ok, so you’re logged in to your Dashboard, and you see something that looks like the following (you’d have an entry like this for each of your courses):


Many of you are noticing that the Planned Completion Date (PCD) for one or more of your courses is the same as the date you enrolled in the course.  Silly, eh??!!  That’s a computer glitch. The thing about the PCD is that it is SET BY YOU.  It’s a tool for you to help pace yourself through your course.  In fact, it’s the PCD which calibrates the little coloured progress bar on the right smile

So…to change the PCD for each course, just click the little calendar, with a red circle around it in the picture above.

Now, which date to choose? You want to pick one that matches the date you plan to finish each course. Here are some useful choices:

-the second Friday in January – general marks cutoff for the mid-year report card (i.e. end of Semester 1)
-the first Friday in April – general marks cutoff for Term 3 report card (i.e. midway point of Semester 2)

-the first Friday in June – general marks cutoff for the final report card (i.e. end of Semester 2)

You will notice that you can choose a date as far away as one calendar year from your start date.  This might be a good idea…but remember that EBUS is on holiday in July and August, same as regular schools, so it’s far better to plan to complete the course in the current school year if possible.

So!! Go ahead and change your PCDs today!

 The progress bars:

Linked to the Planned Completion Date (PCD) for each course, are your little coloured progress bars, on the right side of the display for each course.


As previously mentioned, these progress bars are calibrated by the PCD. The lower part of the bar – the blue part – grows a tiny bit each day.  The sooner your PCD is, the faster it grows!
The top part will be Red, Yellow, Green, or even Rainbow coloured.  It represents YOUR PACE. It actually reflects how many marked assignments you have in your course (so, yes, the length of your progress bar depends partly on you, and partly on your teacher getting stuff marked!)

 In the example above, the student is behind the pace to complete her course by her chosen PCD – that’s why her bar is RED.

Here are some more examples:


A yellow bar means pretty close to the required pace.


A green bar means on track.


Rainbow bar, means AHEAD of the required pace smile

Go ahead and play with your Planned Completion Dates.  You can change them as often as you want and it does not harm anything… it’s there as a tool to help you with your course pacing.

Where’s my Report Card?

Just checking in with you to make sure you know where to find your report card!  EBUS does formal report cards 4 times per year: November, January, April, and June.  These report cards are summaries of what you’ve done in each course up to that date, and will include a comment from your teacher.

See the picture below for a tip on how to find it!

Report Cards

After you click that link, just click the DATE of the report card you’re after.

ALSO!  If you were an EBUS student last year, too, you’ll notice you can choose to view past report cards, as well.

If you find any errors or problems with your current report card, please let us know.

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