Access to Learning Support Funds is dependent on a completed Student Learning Plan and regular submission of evidences of learning.

Depending on circumstances, funding is accessed by students through pre-loaded student VISA cards and/or by Vendors through third party billing.(See Lessons).

Funding for new students enrolled before September 30th and remaining funding for returning students is usually released within the first two weeks of October.

Students enrolled between October 1st and January 31st

  • are eligible for a maximum of $500 in Learning Support Funds accessible late February.
  • may claim for internet reimbursement (maximum of $400) providing they have a balance of Learning Support Funds to cover the claim.
  • have access to EBUS supplied textbooks, workbooks, subscriptions, and if needed, Rosetta Stone online.

Returning EBUS students may request an early release of their student VISA card and access $200.00 of funding before September 30th if they have completed and submitted the Learning

Support Funds form prior to mid-June of the previous school year.
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